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Dancoto_Ns Forum » Fun Section » Fun Talking » come one let's talk for something fun
come one let's talk for something fun
Alesana_FanDate: Friday, 2009-08-14, 1:45 PM | Message # 16
The Contributing,Leecher Hating,Akatsuki Hokage
Group: Hokage
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lol this all country shit is stupid i dont like it but whatever the admins say lol biggrin its rockalex's idea and yeah lets talk about something fun not this country bullshittttttt

Thats what i do to leechers 私はあなたのこと嫌い

Leecher got pwndddddddddd

女性 , 私はあなたの愛
sapphironDate: Friday, 2009-08-14, 3:39 PM | Message # 17
Hiken No Ace
Group: Jounin
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some thing fun? like counter strike for kid ? tongue

Kon: I swear Ichigo! She steped right on me I had no other choice but to look up!
Ichigo: Yeah right! You said that the other 5,000 times too!
rockalexDate: Monday, 2009-08-17, 3:30 PM | Message # 18
The Leader Of The Admin Group And The Head Master
Group: Hokage
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okay funny guy Alesana talk lets see how funny you are

Neo_Fire_SonicDate: Wednesday, 2009-08-19, 1:46 AM | Message # 19
Acadamy Student
Group: Acadamy Student
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Quote (sriramkumarwild)
Creepy_Dog, do u know how to make screenpack?

I know how to make a sreenpack its just for me some things might be limited..

I'm the blue flame.
Check out my MUGEN Esnips page
xxshikoruxxDate: Wednesday, 2009-08-19, 11:59 PM | Message # 20
Group: Acadamy Student
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i made a screenpack its easy
ill post it here later

please help these site out

HakuHuchihaDate: Thursday, 2009-08-20, 2:31 PM | Message # 21
Sasuke the Spriting/Coding Leecher Torturing Kage
Group: NSUE Workers
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Rock, alesana's funny, espaccially on skype happy

This is what happens if I see you leeching

Pls click my dino, so if he's big, he can eat al leechers alive!
Another one that will be hungry

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Dancoto_Ns Forum » Fun Section » Fun Talking » come one let's talk for something fun
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